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Unfinished football match

...Let me enter the game - let me finish that match...

4 June
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A bit about why i called my diary Unfinished football match. Well, in my childhood i used to play football. I had played football for 5 years, until my mom told me to quit this kind of sport, as "football is not for girls, blah-blah-blah, sth like that". So i had to quit. Anyway, it was lond ago. 2 years i played as a goalkeeper, and a very good one, by the way. But one day (i still remember that match), something just was not right - i was awfully afraid of the ball and couldn't catch it even a single time! An awful feeling of loosing, of letting your team down and so on. I was not a goalkeeper anymore.
This year me n my mom went to Turkey. And just for fun once i decided to play football. I was a bit afraid - as i was the only girl in the team. Erm, all the others were like 30-year-old men (i'm 15, btw). 2 days of useless horsing around on the football pitch. Last day of our holiday - just for fun, as usual, i decided to be a goalkeeper for that match. That was the only day one turkish animator, Enis came to play too. He has played football professional for 5 years, or sth about it. What can i say, i was great. I couldn't even expect such a game from me! I thought i will be too scared to catch a killing shot from Enis and the others. But i was not! He told me i was very good. I caught most of his shots (sometimes they were quite painful). When i was going home after that match i was thinkin: "Maybe my game is not finished?.."

At first i wanted to call my diary "Dedicate whole life to Turkey" as i am crazy about this country. Still, a lot of people askin me - why? I can't say why, don't even try to ask me. But i am. I learn turkish. I'm trying to do it. Sometimes it's a bit difficult, but i'm not gonna give up. As soon as i have chance, as soon as grow up, i'm gonna enter a university to become a diplomat. I want to work in Turkey as a diplomat. I want to live there. No matter what anybody tells me about it. Turkey... mmm... And i love it the way it is. I mean, no matter what happens there. No matter, what problems it has. I don't care. I just love Turkey...


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